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Ontmoet Bertus Beer

1-2-3 Play to grow

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1-2-3 Play to grow picture 1204
1-2-3 Play to grow picture 1204

The general knowledge of today’s kids is excellent, but the development of their fine and gross motor skills are not up to standard. Their muscle development is also poor. Kids struggle with normal activities such as colouring, cutting, catching a ball, jumping on one leg etc. As a consequence of their poor muscle development they also struggle with poor concentration.By utilising games you can stimulate your child’s short-term memory, which forms the basis for his long-term memory. Remember that games can serve as an incentive for a child’s comprehension and also help with reasoning and numerical skills. It is also an opportunity to interact and enhance your child’s emotional development.Here are a 123 games to choose from – from 2-year olds to as old as time. The games are focused on development, but can also be fun for parties, serving as icebreakers or just to play.

Outeur: Nadia Viljoen

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