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Give your child a head start

A Bright future starts with a story!

Read ... Read ... Read!!!

The ability to read provides a solid base for success in both school and life!

Studies have shown that children to whom parents are reading to while they are in their pre-school years, are significantly better prepared for their school years and their abilities to learn this skill themselves.  Truth be told, but the educational difference between a child that was read to and a child that did not have this privilege of growing up with stories is almost 2 years.  This backlog can stay with children for quite some time and could prevent children excelling in reading fluency. (Education in England study)


The ability to read and write is required for a child to master other school subjects and to provide them with the ability to communicate that which they have learned.  It is very important that children actually enjoy the freedom of reading.  These studies have shown that children who like to read actually perform much better in school than the other children.  This is because children that read have significantly bigger vocabularies and spelling abilities - they also perform much better at maths!

Parents have a significant role in developing their children to become good readers.  Nobody knows your child better than you yourself, you know their interests, fantasies and dislikes.  You can choose material that will stimulate your child's love for reading by selecting appropriate books to read to your child.

Our Mission

We would love to create, along with our parents, a generation of readers by leveraging stories, fables and other material that will stimulate the child and his/her interest in particular subject matter.  Our experts make the best books available to provide you with the peace of mind that the material is age appropriate and relevant in terms of language, theme, development phase and of the best quality.

Become a member of our club and provide your child with access to a bright future - because a bright future always starts with a story...


If you receive a book that your child already own, you can return it to us in original packaging within 7 days of receipt, and we`ll send you a different book.

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