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Ontmoet Bertus Beer

Bible Stories For Children

R 150.00Plaas in Mandjie

Gemiddelde Aflewerings Tyd: 14-21 Days

Bible Stories For Children picture 1266
Bible Stories For Children picture 1266

Bible Stories for Children includes a selection of short stories from the Old and New Testaments, retold in a simple and fresh style that will be enjoyed by young children. These adaptations of well-loved Bible stories are suitable for parents or carers to read to children, or for young readers to read on their own. They have been given local settings and visual references to which South African children will relate. Although the Biblical facts are correct, the author’s very modern approach sets it apart from other stereotypical Bible story treatment. The stories maintain a focus on God as a father figure, and encourage children to be considerate and show love and compassion for others. Everyday problems facing children, which may cause them anxiety or fear are also tackled. Every story ends with a simple prayer, relevant to the lesson in the story.

Outeur: Wendy Maartens

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